Sunday, September 23, 2012

Archeological Dig

Sugar Mountain has come down. It was time, the mountain was taking up space and not really providing a viable work or presentation area. So last week I put on my terraforming hat down she came. Before I got to work flattening the land it occurred to me that I would likely find all kinds of objects buried under the mountain, artifacts from Odyssey's formative years with Sugar and Pacino or maybe some objects left behind by Ian Ah. I was going on an archeological dig.
I was pretty excited to see what would appear but after digging down to nearly the bottom of the mountain not one object was revealed. Finally, I uncovered a corner of blue and as the mountain disappeared one lone artifact was found.
One blue megaprim left behind by Evo Szuyuan.


  1. Keep up the good work. My students from the Art Institute of Chicago and I will be stopping by to check out Jo Ellesmere's studio and Odyssey
    Sincerely, Ti Mosienko

  2. I remember the excitement that Sugar Seville and I had when that mountain was first created by Sugar in the Autumn of 2006. I think it was the very first thing that Sugar ever built on Odyssey - before any objects were built or even how we were going to attract a community of artists. I remember sitting on top of it and thinking... what next? Funny to come across this so randomly. Hope it's all going well. Marcus Markou (aka Pacino Hercules)

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