Friday, February 24, 2012

Senses Places

Coming up!

Senses Places - mixed reality participatory performance
a collaboration by
Isabel Valverde (IHSIS, PT)
Todd Cochrane (WelTec, NZ)
Ana Moura (IST, PT)
Clara Gomes (UNL, PT)
Yumi Sagara (Independent Butoh artist, JP)
Jun Makime (Independent Butoh artist, JP)
Kae Ishimoto (Independent Butoh artist, JP)
Yukihiko Yoshida (Keio U., JP)
Keiji Mitsubuchi (DHU, JP)

Everyone is invited to participate. At the beginning instructions will be given about the interfaces and a score will be suggested. Viewer 2 is necessary to see the stream from RL.

For more info about the project:

This is a Fundraising events donated by the participating artists to the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator. All are welcome.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Mask: a synchronicity

Today on Odyssey Jo Ellsmere presented her much acclaimed "The Mask: a synchronicity" as part of our 2012 fundraising series. Kai Steamer and lizsolo Mathilde joined Jo Ellsmere in the performance.

The Mask: a synchronicity is a multi-media performance utilizing movement, music and prose to express the theme of Carmen Auletta's poem, "The Mask."