Sunday, September 23, 2012

Archeological Dig

Sugar Mountain has come down. It was time, the mountain was taking up space and not really providing a viable work or presentation area. So last week I put on my terraforming hat down she came. Before I got to work flattening the land it occurred to me that I would likely find all kinds of objects buried under the mountain, artifacts from Odyssey's formative years with Sugar and Pacino or maybe some objects left behind by Ian Ah. I was going on an archeological dig.
I was pretty excited to see what would appear but after digging down to nearly the bottom of the mountain not one object was revealed. Finally, I uncovered a corner of blue and as the mountain disappeared one lone artifact was found.
One blue megaprim left behind by Evo Szuyuan.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dido's Lament at the Odyssey Festival

A newly posted video from a performance by Man Michinaga from one of Odyssey's Performance Art Festivals. Man Michinaga/Patrick Lichty, as Cicciolina, appeared clothed in the cloak of Prometheus and the arrows of St. Sebastien. He then filled the bed with hearts, signs of love, teddy bears, then set the whole thing on fire and doused it in blood, in the tradition of the mythological story of Dido.