Saturday, November 20, 2010

Zeitgeist Schedule

Happening Saturday November 20 and Sunday November 21, 2010 simultaneously at Odyssey in Second Life
and live at the MuroGallery – Genève, Switzerland:

by Nora Furlough


Performance schedule:
9 Am SLT - 'On Recognition of Antonin' - by pixel Reanimator

10 AM SLT – "Don't Feed the Poor" by Sca Shilova

11 AM SLT – New Performance by Man Michinaga

12 Noon SLT - "Homology" (2010) by Selavy Oh and Qiezli Hixantapo

1 PM SL – New Performance by nnoiz Papp

2 PM SLT – New Performance by lizsolo Mathilde and Fau Ferdinand

3 PM SLT - "Fundamental Environmental Roadshow" by SaveMe Oh

10 AM SLT - Performance by Humming Pera and Gumnosophistai Nurmi of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

11 AM SLT - "On Recognition of Antonin" by pixel Reanimator

12 NOON SLT - "Real Virtual Games" - Participatory Mixed Reality Performance by Isabel Valverde and Todd Cochrane

12 NOON to 4 PM SLT - Open performance. Apearances by: Kakukkfu Yosuke and many more. All are welcome to participate in Zeitgeist.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zeitgeist on Odyssey

Zeitgeist – L’esprit du moment
Saturday 20th et sunday 21st November, from 9h a.m. to 16h p.m
Simultaneously at
Odyssey in Second Life
and at the MuroGallery – Genève
A project by Nora Furlough

Participating artists from RL: Francesca Banchelli, Jérémie Chevalier, Asuka Des, Gruppo Estraneo Permanente, Sonia Genoese, J_F_T_M, Olga Kokcharova, Laetitia Lanvin Bech, Orfeo Aurora Lili, Violetta Perra, Laurence Wagner, Martina-Sofie Wildberger

Participating artists from SL: Pixel Reanimator, Man Michinaga, Selavy Oh, Sca Shilova, Humming Pera, Gumnosophistai Nurmi, Fau Ferdinand, lizsolo Mathilde and more TBA.

Zeitgeist is a performance event inspired by the event Dusseldorf Kunstalle (1968 – 72). During these years, young artists squatted in an institutional space (the Kunsthalle of Dusseldorf) to make performances and artistic works during the empty time between two exhibitions.

Zeitgeist gives this example and strategy a visibility in a commercial gallery. During two days different performers will occupy the space of MuroGallery in Geneva to make performances and share a collective experience between themselves and the public.

The performance will have a different kind of approach: generational issues, collective works, art and technology. Some performers will work between Real Life and Virtual Life.

A huge projection of Odyssey land in Second Life will show in the gallery in Geneva - the virtual performances shared with the community in the RL gallery.

SL artists are invited to become a part of Zeitgeist. If you are interested in participating in this event, please write me as soon as possible.

Nora Furlough

IM Nora Furlough in Second Life

37-39, chemin Jacques-Philibert de Sauvage, 1219 Châtelaine
T. +41 22 797 24 12 M. +41 78 897 68 01