Saturday, January 26, 2013

We Have Migrated!

Dear Everyone,

The Odyssey Simulator's website has moved! We now have a new URL at:

We have migrated all the content of this blog to our new location and have new machinimas and photo sets up from the recent 2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival. Please update your bookmarks and feeds and share the link! Join us on our new website here:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Odyssey Festival Schedule

opaf2012posterThe 2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival
The End of the World and After Party
December 21 and 22, 2012

live on the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator in Second Life
and at participating meat spaces:
Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands
Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Open Space, Victoria, Canada

* 10 AM SLT/2:30 PM NFLD Time/7 PM Netherlands Time
Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in concert – Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland.’
* 11 AM SLT/3:30 NFLD Time/8 PM Netherlands Time
haglet alter’s “Grass Conversations” – with Wirxli II/Jeremy Turner and Alex De Jong. Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland.
* 12 noon SLT– Wafa Bourkhis – “Re-Birth”
* 1 PM SLT – Selavy Oh – “the true artist tries to save the world by slowing down time”
* 3 PM – Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin – “Mathesis”
* 4 PM SLT – STELARC – OUT OF BREATH / OUT OF TIME – with assistance from Pyewacket Kanyanenko and Jo Ellsmere (11 AM Melbourne Time, December 22)
* 5:00 PM SLT/10 PM NFLD Time
Second Front – Second Front Ends the World – live also at Open Space, Victoria Canada and at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio St. John’s Newfoundland.

* 4 AM SLT/8:30 AM NFLD Time/1 PM Netherlands Time
haglet alter’s “Grass Conversations” with Wirxli II/Jacquelene Drinkall and Gijs Van Hesteren. Live also at Museum Sorgdrager, Ameland, the Netherlands and the Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland.
* 5 AM SLT – Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko – “minimal glitch”
* 2:00 PM SLT – Xisuthra Lomu/Erik Rzepka
* 3 PM SLT- Patrick Lichty/Man Michinaga “Dinner Theatre of Cruelty”
* 4 PM SLT/8:30 NFLD Time – Liz Solo – “Hybrid Dancer”
* 5 PM SLT – Afterparty with DJ Jce Emoto of DFM.NU
Also on site throughout the festival Jo Ellsmere’s “ANIMAanimus” installation – and
“Happy Birthday Fluxus; Happy End of the World” – Installation by Second Front – Exhibit A

Special thanks to Ze Moo.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival

The 2012 Odyssey Performance Art Festival (The End of the World Festival)
happens December 21st and 22nd live on Odyssey
with participating Meat Spaces in St. John’s Newfoundland, Victoria Canada and Ameland, the Netherlands.

December 21st – The End of the World
December 22nd – The End of the World After Party

Featuring performances from Second Front, Stelarc, Alan Sondheim, Jo Ellsmere, Kai Steamer, Haglet Alter, Selavy Oh, Patrick Lichty, Liz Solo, Wirxli II, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Alex De Jong, Jce Emoto/DFM and more to be announced soon. Stay tuned for announcements of the schedule.

The Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator is devoted to performance art in virtual space and to providing resources for facilitating trans or hybrid reality performances and conversations. Odyssey island in Second Life provides studio space and resources to working performance artists and a venue for the presentation of new work. Every year Odyssey presents a festival to highlight work being done with performance art in virtual spaces.

Taking place on Odyssey in Second Life
with participating meat spaces -
Black Bag Media Collective Studio, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Museum Sorgdrager in Ameland, the Netherlands
Open Space in Victoria, Canada

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


On 12 Octo­ber 2012, a cyber­for­mance sym­po­sium will be hosted by UpStage, the Water­wheel Tap and inde­pen­dent cyber­form­ers, where cyber­form­ers will dis­cuss their online per­for­mances with other artists, researchers and inter­ested par­tic­i­pants. Ques­tions we would like to tackle in CyPo­sium include: What dif­fer­ent kind of events hap­pened? What did they make pos­si­ble? What was spe­cial about the event? Why were things done in a cer­tain way and what were the results? The CyPosium invites cyberperformance artists, researchers and interested participants to share and discuss past online performances.

Find out more at the

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Archeological Dig

Sugar Mountain has come down. It was time, the mountain was taking up space and not really providing a viable work or presentation area. So last week I put on my terraforming hat down she came. Before I got to work flattening the land it occurred to me that I would likely find all kinds of objects buried under the mountain, artifacts from Odyssey's formative years with Sugar and Pacino or maybe some objects left behind by Ian Ah. I was going on an archeological dig.
I was pretty excited to see what would appear but after digging down to nearly the bottom of the mountain not one object was revealed. Finally, I uncovered a corner of blue and as the mountain disappeared one lone artifact was found.
One blue megaprim left behind by Evo Szuyuan.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dido's Lament at the Odyssey Festival

A newly posted video from a performance by Man Michinaga from one of Odyssey's Performance Art Festivals. Man Michinaga/Patrick Lichty, as Cicciolina, appeared clothed in the cloak of Prometheus and the arrows of St. Sebastien. He then filled the bed with hearts, signs of love, teddy bears, then set the whole thing on fire and doused it in blood, in the tradition of the mythological story of Dido.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Techno Dream and Nightmare Choir

The Black Bag Media Collective
in collaboration with the Sound Symposium 
and the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator

a Feisty, participatory Community Art intervention about networked technology.

from the Black Bag Media Collective and artist in residence Tina Pearson

Send us your Dreams (Send us your Fears)
“Techno Dream and Nightmare Choir” is a Feisty participatory Community Art intervention challenging beliefs about networked technology and its impact on ... well, everything.
Inspired by the international Complaints Choir movement, the "Techno Dream and Nightmare Choir" invites everyone to participate. You can join the project by sending us messages about your fears and dreams about networked technology; by coming to live sessions at the Black Bag Media Collective Studio; by participating online via Second Life, Skype, email, Facebook, Twitter and LiveStream; and/or by coming to our live performance on Friday July 20th at 8 PM at the LSPU Hall Second Space.

Tina and BBMC members will be presenting workshops and performances as part of this year's Sound Symposium – Saturday April 14th – Workshop with Tina Pearson, Liz Solo and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at 1 PM. Performance at 3 PM. Both events take place at the LSPU Hall. Talk to us!
In your communications, please let us know if you are interested in performing in person or online on July 20 at 8 PM local time in St John's, Newfoundland. (See the questions below for ideas)
Points of contact:
Skype us: theblackbags
Twitter your ideas #bbmc
Email or Text us at
Leave a message on our landline at 709.722.9915
Post a message on our Facebook Wall:

Join us for Daily workshops/interactions – all are welcome at the BBMC Studio and on Odyssey
Anytime between 3 – 7 PM Local Time
July 16 – 19
177 Water Street, 2nd Floor

8 pm Friday July 20
LSPU Hall Second Space
3 Victoria Street,
St. John's Newfoundland
PWYC at the door.

In ancient times, communities regularly gathered together to make collective songs ward off fears, entice beneficial outcomes and to generally make sense of life and its changes through ritual and creative play. We invite you to gather with us to renew that practice in these a-changing networked times. Tell us your fears and dreams, what makes you happy or sad, about today's networked technology and how it is embedded in your life. 

We will create a set of hybrid Songs rooted in St John's, inspired by contributions from far and wide ... and perform them in a suitably hybrid and networked form.
Black Bag Media Collective's artist in residence, Tina Pearson, along with BBMC founders Liz Solo, Mike Kean and Marcel Levandier are the hosts and facilitators of this investigation. True to the theme of the project, the Techno Dream and Nightmare song cycle will be made using a mix of readily available audio technologies - from human voices, rocks, sticks and acoustic instruments, to electronic instruments, digital instruments, iPhones, and virtual instruments. Participants and performers will be connected through readily available networked technologies - telephone, email, Skype, Second Life and streaming. Participation is open to anyone wanting to participate in St John's or online. The performance will be co-ordinated at the Black Bag Media Collective studio in St John's, Newfoundland and will culminate in a live event at the LSPU Hall Second Space on Friday July 20th at 8 PM.

This project made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section. - u suck!